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Linus Tech Tips Best Gaming Laptop

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My monitor came with a logo projector, no sane person would use (they might have just saved the E-waste and $50 and make it an optionally available accessory). The AniMe Matrix on the G14 does look cool , but would not give the average person any profit.

That’s not to say you’ll find a way to’t use Steam and stream over wifi to one thing like a XPS 13 or LG Gram 17, however not every gamer wants that. Does the bottom config go away it unpopulated so it runs in single channel mode? I’d be curious to see how much worse CPU performance is due to that. In the last few years laptop computer manufacturers have adopted Apple’s practice of riveting the effing keyboards to the laptop computer body.

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What used to be a $30, 15 minute repair you could do your self now essentially totals your laptop computer. If I had to choose a gaming rig for myself I’d take the Alienware M17 R4. It ticks all of the packing containers I would require, together with build high quality, extended warranty and Dell will let you pay it off over 12 mos curiosity free.

It appears like they drilled a number of holes within the show backplate for every pixel and that may’t be cheap not even mentioning the electronics for the LED matrix. There isn’t any mux change or superior optimus in these models and the only way to get your efficiency is by plugging in an exterior monitor by way of USB C. Stylus suggestions ( included 4pcs further fiber tips & 4pcs further rubber suggestions ) may be changed within a second with none instruments.

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For what @TankBallsaid, my experience as a tech at MicroCenter, and my personal expertise attempting to keep one alive. Asus doesn’t help laptops very long, they are not what I’d call dependable/robust, and they’re simply overpriced.

The asus laptops are amazing, but sadly its having a 10-40% efficiency loss because of regular optimus to save battery life. I still seek for a really good Laptop to program with. It’s all the time gaming laptops that comes with a really excessive value for the GPU. Asus sadly at all times consists of questionable “options” that will just make their product dearer than they need to be.

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It’s odd I bought the RTX 3070 variant and been loving it. On all of the reviews/videos I’ve seen they are saying the keyboard black gentle can’t be modified from white. On mine in the aura settings I can set the back gentle to any stable color. The proof is made on the strix variant, but all of these notebooks dont have a mux switch, so the bottleneck is similar to this pocket book.

I would just really like to know why LTT has not been calling producers out on this? I just need a laptop with great cooling and a monster CPU. Though, to a degree it also makes me curious to how a lot of a bump to battery life the other would do. Ie, if the back were coated in photovoltaic cells instead, likely simply as much of a gimmick to be honest.

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The base mannequin has 8GB soldered and 8GB Sodimm, so you presumably can upgrade it to a max of 40GB (8+32). Top mannequin has 16GB soldered and 16GB SoDimm, so you would get a max of 48GB (16+32).

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The solely model I’d put beneath Asus is HP, and that is saying one thing when Acer and Razer are nonetheless hit or miss from one mannequin to a different. Asus, please make these “features” optional and value your products extra aggressively. Rather than a full matrix LED bottom, give us a full matrix LED backlight.

You’ve had mod mic sponsor enough video to know thats not at all times true. I’m a gamer, but haven’t got a headset, but do need a mic since I chat but virtually never want to stream video of my face.

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Linus forgot to talk about this sadly, i was hoping he would speak about it to asus as not everyone is at all times on the battery together with his laptop. These laptops are being cpu bottlenecked on purpose, yet being marketed for esport pro’s.

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The animated LEDs on the again, curious to how much that eats into the battery lifetime of the device. That and having a soldered DIMM limits this laptop computer’s upgradability potential. Soldered RAM makes a semblance of sense on ultrabooks no much less than, however not on a high-performance machine the place having tons of RAM would truly be beneficial.